13 July 2013

ready to fly

these past few days have been an exciting but nerve-wracking frenzy of packing and preparation. i've been wrestling with important questions of how much (or how little) stuff i can survive with for a month (the raincoat that's cute or the one that's compact? sperrys or toms? do i really need all my yoga clothes?) as my mother brags about her own minimalism (it is impressive) while shoving box after box of granola bars in my growing suitcase. ok, i know we'll appreciate the granola bars in burma, where the food is supposed to be amazing but the language is indecipherable - who knows if menu items are vegetarian? - and we have to be cautious about foreign germs.

anyway, i'm a perennial overpacker but really fighting that urge this time, though we're going to be mostly staying put in yangon, so it's not as critical as on some trips where we have to be very mobile.

one routine i do have down is the long-haul flight prep. i've been flying across the world since i was a toddler, and i finally feel prepared for this 30+ hour journey - though we'll see how i actually feel eight hours into a 15-hour flight, with seven more hours (or three movies, or five fitful naps, or half of an old novel, or two rounds of seltzer water and a mediocre plane breakfast) to go before landing in tokyo. and then we've got a seven-hour flight before our first destination, bangkok.

a few of my flying ~essentials~ as i pack my carry-on and mentally prepare for a trip across the pacific:

some of the stuff i'll need while traveling: a plethora of luna bars and other filling vegan snacks, my new tiger tail foam roller which i LOVE, earbuds - i just downloaded enough new music for a month without itunes, a running watch, cozy socks, a headband, gum, stuff to freshen up like lipgloss and a hairbrush, a cardigan, moleskine notebooks, a mystery note from maddy, sleeping mask, fun books and silly magazines and travel guides, the nalgene i'm obsessed with to fill up when we get through security.

i'm so so excited to be basically living and immersing ourselves in yangon for a month. we'll take cooking classes, do yoga and zumba, take day or weekend trips (though not on trains, as much as i love them), and meet cool people. we're incredibly fortunate to be some of the first foreigners in burma (or myanmar? i don't think either is totally politically correct), which had been closed to tourists since the '60s and just opened up less than two years ago. the infrastructure still is completely undeveloped, which will limit how much we can travel around the country, though i am dying to see bagan and a few other places. regardless, i know burma will be amazing.

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