16 July 2013

so glad i brought a sarong

after over 24 hours in transit, we arrived in bangkok, thailand last night. i'm newly reminded of how much i LOVE southeast asia - just everything about it. even the smell in the air seems somehow like home.

hanging out.

we spent today walking around to several wats - large buddhist temples ornately carved in red and gold on the outside and with painted scenes of the buddha's life adorning all over the inside. we also couldn't help ourselves singing thrift shop (wat, wat, wat, wat, wat...) as we walked in the rain. at the second wat, signs on the entrance clearly marked the rules for any unknowing tourists: no shorts, no pda, no pointing the bottoms of your feet at buddha's image, no women touching monks. wait... no shorts? one of the caretakers yelled at me as i kicked off my shoes and prepared to enter; my mom and sister were wearing skirts. luckily, i'm not a novice traveler - i'd been sure to bring along my indonesian sarong, so i quickly pulled it out of my bag, fashioned a skirt, and stepped inside to see the end of the monks' prayer service. i wish i'd seen the caretaker's face - elsa said she looked surprised and a little impressed by my forward thinking. but i'll never forget getting turned away at ho chi minh's mausoleum as an eight-year-old because my shorts were too short. i wasn't going to make that mistake again.

the sarong was worth it to see this.

our next stop was khaosan road, a hub for hip thai twentysomethings and young american backpackers. we walked along dozens of market stands selling jewelry and apparel and souvenirs, tattoo shops, guesthouses, bars, and fake id vendors with "no photograph signs" but brazenly posted a block away from the police station.

the servers wear t-shirts that say "WE DO NOT CHECK ID CARD." underage drinking is bad, kids.

elsa and i got hairwraps; nothing feels more ~summer~. tiger bought his customary home-country soccer jersey. i bought a pair of silky printed pants, a.k.a. my new Gap Year Pants because apparently i get more crunchy-granola with every purchase (just wait, will i get a toe ring next?) it could be worse - i didn't buy harem pants - but either way i'll fit in well with the backpacker demographic around here.

also, ethos cafe is my new favorite restaurant EVER, oh my goodness (sorry to ile de pain in knysna, south africa). i was in heaven - so much delicious vegan thai food and my masala coconut shake was the best thing ever.


good night!

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