22 July 2013

tourist attractions

i'm not sure if we're visiting tourist attractions or if we are tourist attractions here in yangon.

there aren't really that many touristy things to do, and a lot of places we go, we're the only foreigners. we get a lot of stares, laughs, and pointing - everyone seems to be incredibly amused by us.

after some hotel hunters international yesterday morning (we're looking for the best possible hotel since we're here so long), we walked in the muddy sidewalks to two pagodas. gotta love monsoon season - it basically pours on and off all day, including basically every time we decide to walk somewhere.

hotel hunting.

rain, rain, go away...

the pagodas are VERY strict about attire - no shorts or short skirts; shoulders covered; shoes off immediately when you enter the grounds, though both the shoes you're carrying and the ground you're walking on are filthy and damp.

first, the nga htat gyi temple/buddhist monastery, where we were the only western tourists and attracted a lot of attention.

inside the temple.

these boys totally hammed it up for the camera.

it was really hard to take decent photos because it's so dark in these spaces.

the adjoining monastery.

swarmed as we tried to exit.

there were some bizarre little shrines inside, including a bunch of buddhas with flashing LED halos.

next, the chauk htat gyi pagoda, a large building that felt almost like a pavilion and housed a massive, 216-foot-long ("from halo to foot") reclining buddha. there were a couple tour buses there - so it wasn't crowded, but it definitely felt more on the beaten path.

there's just no way to convey the enormous scale of this statue in a photo. it was amazing.


the column second from right is each measurement in feet. yes, each lower eyelash is six feet long, and the hairknot is 48.6 feet in circumference.

detail of the fence and pedestal.

mom films while elsa does an "alice walters" segment - the tv-news-reporter alter ego has followed our family around the world.

just too excited.

some other perks of this trip have included breakfast (tiger wrote about it here) and this amazing bridge path that i haven't gotten the chance to run yet (not sure if my injuries will hold up...) but mom and elsa have, and i'll definitely walk it if i can't run!

lake kandawgyi.

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