18 August 2013

in between

it's crazy to think that a week ago i was dodging sidewalk gaps, navigating a street market, and posing for cell phone pictures in yangon, and a week from today i'll be settling into my new, albeit temporary, life in córdoba.

coming back to bethesda from myanmar was the first time i've noticed serious culture shock at my own culture: how clean and orderly everything is, how prosperous and how predictable. i can't believe i'll have experienced three thoroughly disparate cultures within the span of two weeks.

i'm having to unpack and repack my life as i know it in the span of 10 days, and it's stressful. i'm making decisions about the clothes i'm going to wear, books i'm going to read, and pastimes i'm going to continue for the next two months. not to mention the challenge of packing for a temperate climate with a wide temperature range over a seasonal transition... i just have no idea what to bring. on a related note, i'm so glad my sister will be able to wear the clothes i leave behind (and i think she's even more glad!) so i don't feel so selfish owning so many clothes that im not wearing.

i'm also saying goodbye to my friends, who are all leaving for college within the next few weeks, if they haven't already. i'm happy to be packing up and going too - at least we have that in common, though our experiences over the next couple months will be vastly different. many of my close friends i won't see until thanksgiving or even christmas, so i'm trying to savor the last few days with my friends and family before heading off on my next adventure.

xo, m

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