05 November 2013

last views of córdoba (and a day in cuesta blanca)

the next-door neighbors.

a few photos, in roughly chronological order, of the day-to-day existence that's soon coming to a close.

frozen yogurt on a saturday evening after a yoga festival a few weeks ago!

well, more than a few, because this is me.

full moon + my favorite/least-favorite church.

elections were held october 27 throughout the country. i loved seeing how the country prepared and reacted.

walking through the city center.

our favorite posh mall/central meeting place.

in front of patio olmos.

graffiti on the walk to the feria artesanal.

enjoying one of my last alfajores maicenas from my favorite feria baker.

political graffiti, of course.

brought the girls at work the makeup they earned with the money from their alfajor bake sale. they gave us (me and allegra) makeovers.

at plaza san martín, the colonial city center, on a spring afternoon.

inside the catedral for the first time since my first day.

this cinema has always been one of my bus-ride landmarks.

stealth photos taken inside the courtroom (i don't think it's against the rules - there are loads of reporters and photographers).

my street in cerro de las rosas.

tuesday produce markets on my street.

the teen girls at my friends' placement started taking pictures with my iphone - but managed to cut off just lea's face.

my hosts' unique house.

doing yoga and tae kwon do in sweltering heat in the scratchy backyard.

... and having filthy feet to show for it. (please also admire my birkenstock tan.)

homemade vegetarian empanadas are always the move... i need to ask for a recipe. 

the hideous toe-separator shoes that for some unknown reason are in fashion in argentina?!?!

bust stop to back home on avenida 27 de abril in the centro.

protests block the street, so we have to walk 25 minutes to catch our bus.

gender socialization that pisses me off: these diapers are advertised to make your baby boy a champion and your baby girl a princess. just no.

unfortunate product naming.

explosions of color on a walk home in the cerro.

graffiti art, also in the cerro.

my new best friend tamar; we also share a mutual friend back home! at la cañada (the canal).

attending the show of a friend of a friend.

more unfortunate english names.

heading to the bus stop after work via the plaza.

the cathedral is beautiful at dusk.

plaza san martín again.

more memorials of the disappeared... but i can't help but think that this guy looks like a latino michael cera.

right by the plaza: the former police office of the dictatorship, now another memory site.

attempting to dance.

wednesday night class at tsunami tango, then soon realizing you'll never look as cool as the argentinians do.


a heavy rainstorm makes the whole city into a river. literally, i stepped off the bus into two feet of gushing water.

in my neighborhood as well: no way to avoid getting soaked.

grido is always a good idea, and this is my favorite combination: chocolate suizo (chocolate + dulce de leche), maracuyá al agua (passionfruit sorbet), salsa de caramelo (not the same thing as caramel; more bitter with a vanilla taste)

teatro del libertador, always lit up in gaudy colors by night.

just wandering.

cooling off for a second in paseo del buen pastor.

one of my favorite blocks in the city, in buen pastor neighborhood.

museo emilio caraffa, an art museum that was unfortunately closed when we tried to go.

plaza del bicentenario: 200 rings representing each year of the city.

bright sunlight = more selfies possible.

a weekend in córdoba is never complete without a trip to paseo de las artes...

ok, really my last time at the feria now.

little 55-day-old black lab puppies LITERALLY FOR FREE.

this guy sells records at the feria and just sits there jamming to oldies while waiting for customers to come. he reminds me so much of uncle paul - can't you just see him doing that in another life?

the antiques section.

argentinian breakfast is awful - plain crackers with sickly-sweet dulce de leche. it's made more bearable with the peanut butter i brought from home and hoarded throughout my trip - i finally used the last of it yesterday and i'm looking forward to peanut butter every day when i get home.

nights with some of my favorite people.

in need of last minute halloween costumes... went as lost american tourists. (with tamar, from nyc, and ava, from san francisco.)

in addition to a disco ball (jealous), my argentinian friend has this map and each of his friends puts a push-pin in their hometown. i love the idea, and there's a pin in washington, d.c. - along with different places in argentina, all over europe, singapore, vietnam, senegal, morocco, and more. :)

matt, ava, jessica, tamar.

one last, nostalgic walk (today!) through cerro de las rosas and to parque de las naciones, a popular park for exercise that also boasts a hilltop view of the city.

before last week's rain, the park was gray.

i love the purple-flowered trees that are abundant throughout the city.

... and a last-minute getaway to cuesta blanca, a nearby river "town" (barely) in córdoba province, that was everything i needed for my last sunday afternoon: sunshine and scenery and swimming and singing and contemplating life while sitting on big rocks in the middle of the river with one of my closest friends here. i never regret going somewhere new, but this was such a particularly beautiful day.

i love the bus system here in argentina - you can get pretty much anywhere in the province from the bus station, and chances are the bus is 1) cheap and 2) leaving within 15 minutes. it makes it super easy to get everywhere!

we had to hike a bit to get to one beach - we explored a few different areas of the shore during our afternoon/evening in the area.

oh hey tamar.

view from the lunch restaurant... if we'd planned better we would've just brought a picnic, though.

not sure if you can see here, but the sand was super sparkly, as if little bits had already turned to glass.

feelin' on top of the world,

absolutely perfect light as the sun set.

the extent of the town... but hey, free wifi!

sandy/cut up/dirty/wet/happy toes.

trekking to the bus.

welcome to the bus terminal

actually my whole last weekend was perfect. friends, fun, films (went to the premiere of an indie flick my friends' host dad acted in!), city exploring, traveling, hanging out, halloween. i couldn't have asked for a better sendoff.

the new year's resolution i've actually kept: every day i write down at least one thing i'm grateful for in my journal. this was sunday's, but there's so much more.

saying goodbye to my host maru.

i can't believe my flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. i'm trying to process all my feelings, and i've got one more reflection post in the works. see you all soon! 

xo, m

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