13 January 2014

a weekend in d.c. / a winter in d.c.

sometimes the best times are exploring your own city.

last weekend (jan. 3-5), i had sam and amber, two of my best friends from my chile trip back in 2011, visiting me in d.c. they live in new york, and we're lucky to have seen each other - here and there - several times since our life-changing travel and homestay and service in northern chile.

here we are, back in the day. (valle de la luna, chile, one of my favorite places in the world - but then again i have a lot)

they're good sports in going along with my travel style, which usually means no plan, walking several miles, stopping only to eat, and getting lost a lot.

oh, and taking loads of photos.



they both spent the whole city tour shooting only on film cameras (ok, the occasional iphone shot is necessary. but mostly good old 35mm. i was the only one lugging around a dslr). 

amber slipped and fell while trying to skate on the ice. she emerged unscathed, luckily! 

this gold thumb in the smithsonian castle has inexplicably become a must-stop every time they come to d.c.

selfie pros a++

as is the natural history museum, ever since the geology section had an exhibit dedicated to the 33 stranded miners from the 2010 collapse in copiapó, our chilean city. this time, that exhibit was gone, but we spent a long time chatting with a retired-mine-engineer volunteer about rocks. he was so excited that we'd been to chile. and his passion made geology seem like a lot of fun.

walking in the semi-frozen terrain:

and finally arriving for a lunch of bento boxes and unlimited iced tea at teaism, one of my favorite restaurants.

all of this while constantly reminiscing, catching up, planning future adventures, trading music suggestions, giving advice, and just generally appreciating time with far-away best friends.

all the credit for the film photos in this post goes to sam - who not only takes awesome photos but also gets them developed impressively quickly. you go, sam ro.

the national gallery of art.

another tradition: riding through the twinkly tunnel between the east and west wings of the gallery.

the hot cocoa at coco. sala is delicious, rich, huge, and even dairy-free if you ask! :) perfect to unwind on a cold, windy day.

per our awesome-asian-food theme, we tried to stop by daikaya ramen shop on sunday... only to find out it was closed for the day due to mechanical failure.

after a lil scenic stroll through chinatown, we ended up at absolute noodle a few blocks away. it was just as good.

i was totally inspired by sam and amber's film cameras and went to goodwill the next week, finding myself a ricoh camera from the '80s for under $5. my mom thinks it's beyond hilarious. i think it's awesome. i've been shooting on expired black + white film this week... we'll see how it turns out.

and a few moments from the rest of my winter shenanigans: snow, the shenandoah, and so many reunions.

getting my black belt in taekwondo.

ethiopian food (not far east restaurant) with some of my favorite people to celebrate my 18th.




december brunch & visiting our high school.

the gang (clique) sign that never dies.

christmas with cousins.

rachael. :) :) :)

saying goodbye to maddy. :( :( :(


the country.

homemade vegan cinnamon rolls, an adaptation of my decades-old new year's tradition with my grandmother.

my friends are all off rockin' their second semesters of college.

to add to the collection of selfies with close friends i never get to see: 

grace, best friend since '98. *sunglasses emoji*

kelsey came to visit!!!

elem school budz, tali and lia.

and one never-before-seen shot of argentina, thanks to malin's late uploading, that i absolutely adore:

me, francesca, and maddy at parque de las tejas on one of the best work days of the entire trip.

happy new year! may it be the best one yet.

x, m

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