14 January 2014


i like to use disposable cameras. i'm not sure if it's because it's trendy, artsy, different, hipster, or just because i'm chasing some dreamy quality that seems more permanent, more unexpected, more interesting at least, on film.

not to mention that a disposable is great when other cameras fail. in africa's largest slum on a hectic and tense election day, it won't get stolen. nor as the crowds press in on the holiest day in myanmar at the holiest temple in myanmar. at an argentinean nightclub, it won't get smashed, you won't lose anything if it's lost, and the flash will illuminate anything much clearer and sharper than an iphone. and, of course, when taking selfies, no one can request a do-over because they think they look ugly.

this time, i'm the victim of the ugly-selfie syndrome.

i've definitely gotten some laughs, some confusion from people who've seen me using it or friends who've been in the photos. i guess the cameras' resurgence was confined to a small bubble at my high school.

buying and developing the cameras adds up, but it's worth it. still, there's a long lag time - especially when traveling - between when i take the photo and when it's returned to me as a roll of negatives and a picture cd at cvs. i also tend to half-finish a camera before forgetting about it or starting a new one, ending up with one 27-exposure camera that covers three continents, five days, and a couple dozen unique stories. so here's a post dedicated to the photos you haven't seen, the imperfect but fun products of my myriad disposables throughout 2013.

full moon day of waso, the aforementioned holiday.

shwedagon pagoda, yangon.

monks at shwedagon.

praying in a shwedagon temple.

monsoons in bago, myanmar.

there's a pagoda back there.

reclining buddha, bago.

the streets of yangon.

derelict colonial train station, yangon.

scott market, yangon.

more scenes of yangon.

a former luxurious department store, now a crumbling building full of squatters and rats.

one of 4,500, bagan, myanmar.

the view from shwesandaw.

a memorable sunset.

home in bethesda.

the c.f.n. tradition lives on.

first day in córdoba, exploring.

argentinean selfies.

driving through salta and jujuy.

the seven-colored hill?

purmamarca, jujuy, argentina.

salta cathedral.

from the top of cerro san bernardo...

..."salta la linda" lives up to its nickname.

peatonal obispo trejo, one of my favorite blocks in córdoba capital.

lemony snicket comes to life, alta gracia, córdoba.

never forget las islas malvinas - plaza de mayo, buenos aires.

la casa rosada - the home of the presidenta.

searching for evita's grave in the city of the dead, cementerio de la recoleta, buenos aires.

la republica de la boca, buenos aires.

cruising towards iguazú falls.

one of the biggest thrills of my life, shared with ava.

first glimpse.

from above.

watching people watching water.

la garganta del diablo / devil's throat.

lens covered with waterfall spray.

a manmade lake, mendoza, argentina.

tamar, my fellow vegetarian and future senegal travel companion. so happy to have met her and to get to travel with her.

colonial-era bridge.

the magnificent andes.

touring mendoza province.

la puente del inca.

leaving the prison where i worked, córdoba.

the crew at la cañada - the canal in córdoba.

parque del bicentenario.

fede's apartment.

don't let matt get ahold of your camera. actually, do.

a half-assed halloween. 

lazy, sunny last sunday, cuesta blanca, córdoba.

the kind of rocks you could sit on all day, discussing philosophy and pondering life.

my last night in argentina.

in which sina and i look like twins.

the best fake boyfriend.

and all my lovely roommates.

never wanna say goodbye.

selfies with best friends.

selfies with stray dogs?

some of the most wonderful people i've ever met come to have lunch on the day i leave.

final goodbyes have to happen eventually.

cerro de las rosas, my córdoba neighborhood, on the corner i'd pass dozens of times a day.

backyard. asador. summer sun.

my 2013 disposables collection also covered the time before the birth of this blog, before even my decision to take a gap year. definitely not everything from this roller-coaster year. but lots of good memories.

with maddy in vero beach, florida, january.

the now-infamous blog header photo, vero beach.

table ten (middle school) reunion, february.

julia's reagan-palooza themed birthday party. just kidding. sort of.

don't ask.

nairobi, kenya, for the elections in march.

twelve-hour lines in kibera, the nairobi slum, on election day. taken from a tree branch. i'm completely serious.

another crowded polling site.

nairobi national park.

spot the impala!

"animals have right of way."

with lauren on safari. :)

ushering in the spring.

now that i have an actual film camera, as well, there are many more of these gems to come. looking forward to many new adventures in 2k14.

x, m

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