04 March 2014

photo tour

the sunday before last (february 23; bear with me and my delayed blog posts) was a beautiful afternoon, so i got out my camera and we took a leisurely stroll downtown for a long-anticipated photo tour. downtown saint louis is a gorgeous place; a unesco world heritage site, no less. i was thrilled to capture it on a high-quality camera - but also will only be doing this once. we get enough attention as it is without the waving and pointing at my conspicuous camera.

first stop: the mosquée mouride in our neighborhood of hlm.

a grotesquely large, unidentified dead rodent; i'd really not like to see one alive.

walking up to the river.

some interesting murals line the main road by the river; behind the walls is the lycée.

this unfinished but already-in-use mosque is an example of a strange quirk of the building style here: they complete the first floor before getting around to the upper stories.

the only clean cars i've seen in this country.

the trash problem is really sad.

we've taken these "car rapides" a couple times to get downtown. 100 francs to hop on; just bang on the side of the car when you want the driver to stop.

entering the roundabout to exit sor and start crossing the bridge.

extremely suspicious of how there were 114 years between bridge repairs.

downtown is colorful and charming, especially on a sunny and calm day. wind means sandstorms and everything turns a dusty gray.

some favorite destinations for riverfront views, food, drinks, and dancing:

nearing the petit pont, which leads to the other side of the river. we don't cross it often, except to explore the market directly on the other side, visit beneficiaries by the massive fish market, or head to the beach farther afield.

studying quran while at work.

tamar's looking self-satisfied with her peanut purchase; we go through a lot of these little bags.

the petit pont is busy as the dusk creeps in.

the crêperie is closed on sundays! no! no worries, we were back on monday. :)

i'd never noticed the carvings in the trees before.

so so pretty.

this place has gorgeous sunsets.

...and back home at last.

my internet is even more limited than it was, so blog posting is a challenge. i would definitely like to post soon about my awesome time staying with family in dakar this weekend. dakar is an awesome city and family is a wonderful thing.

x, m

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