14 April 2014


photos from a sunny wednesday afternoon off of class, an after-school adventure to a little town with a not-so-little château.

our friend loes drove, as she's dutch and brought her car here from the netherlands! we were also joined by our friends marie (from cyprus) and daniela (ecuadorian).

it looked like a castle on the outside.

and on the inside, it was a palace.

slathered with his emblematic... dragons? lizards?

through the decorative windows.

some of the furnishings were as recent as the 19th century, while others were hundreds of years older.

Bouge Mirror Selfie.

the castle is famous for being surrounded by a moat.


we took a walk through town, ending up drinking overpriced mediocre coffee at a vaguely tacky brasserie with an appealing patio.

the half-hour drive had a gorgeous view.

i'm even more excited to head to château chenonceau this week. :)


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