17 April 2014

three weeks in tours

iphone photos to go along with my last update post, and snapshots of life in tours.

on my first full day, maddy and i sat for a while by the loire river and talked and enjoyed the awesome weather that we've been having for almost my whole stay.

also, we stopped by the playground. :)

downtown on rue nationale, the side of the hôtel de ville (town hall).

hôtel de ville at night.

the tours stadium, when we went to a professional football match one friday evening.

fatima's falafel.

on the walk home.

our neighborhood.

afternoon snack.

out & about.

spring. <3

a strange neighborhood.

we spent a gorgeous saturday afternoon at an island in the loire that's a public park, where we just talked and sunbathed.


elina is really cool.
the crew.


late night baguettes with maddy and alex.

sundays camped out in french coffee shop.

elina can't handle the sun.

absurd coffee confections + trip planning.


weird modern art installation in a downtown alley.

i'm looking forward to posting about our awesome afternoon at château de chenonceau yesterday. ~sneak preview~ here:

just crazy beautiful.

today's maddy's birthday, which is a lot of fun. we got breakfast downtown (muffins & chai lattes at our old stalwart "french coffee shop" after a bagel place wasn't open). and maddy and i head tomorrow to DUBLIN for the weekend and i could not be more stoked. not to mention another week in tours and backpacking with maddy and tamar in four awesome european cities. so many exciting things coming up! life is good!

xx marit

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