31 May 2014


i'm so so behind on posting about my awesome last couple weeks in europe. here's the first of several catch-up photo posts!


quick photos of the last château wednesday (april 23) with maddy and loes. we went to amboise, a cute, touristy town where we could only afford admission to one of the two châteaux. a highlight was peeking into the little chapel at château d'amboise only to realize that we'd stumbled onto leonardo da vinci's grave - an unexpectedly important sight that we didn't even know to look for. so great!

da vinci lived his last years in amboise, and requested to be buried here.

the château and its grounds are set on a hill above the town, affording amazing views of the village and countryside.



fleur de lis are all over the châteaux... a medici thing?


we set off through town to the other château, château du clos lucé, famous because da vinci lived there and because of its beautiful gardens.

... but we couldn't to pony up the 9€ it turned out to cost, so we snapped a photo and hit the streets.

at an empty church: "please don't forget to close the interior doors after you to avoid the intrusion of pigeons."

such a cute town.

i'm so glad i got to explore touraine during my limited time in france! as the french would say, ~il faut profiter~ of every opportunity!

x, m

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