08 June 2014


the first stop on our grand european tour was munich, germany.

colorful bikes on a gorgeous street (or straße) by marienplatz.

our friend jessica (who we met in argentina) grew up in munich and though she now lives about an hour and a half away, she drove in from nuremberg to spend a couple days with us! she'll be heading to university in munich in the fall, and a lot of her friends are already studying there, so we had great connections and great friends to hang out with.

after meeting up with jessica on ludwigstraße!

right by our hostel.

one of the first spots we visited was marienplatz, a giant square with this crazy old building.

our wanderings took us to viktualienmarkt, because we always love quirky food markets.

weird white asparagus were all over...

and a shakespeare & co. bookstore!

the whole city was gearing up for the bayern match the next day.

we mapped out a walking route to englischer garten, the city's huge green space, that took us by imposing government buildings on the very brown, very rectangular, very long ludwigstraße.

we also ran into this crazy walking man statue!

the architecture was beautiful and i definitely fell in love with the city.

never did find out the name of this yellow building, but it was gorgeous and there was a wedding or some fancy event going on inside.


when we finally arrived at the garten (of course, we'd walked much farther than we'd intended), it was finally lunchtime... with paninis we'd swiped from the (wonderful) hostel breakfast.


then it was walking back past adorable houses and beer gardens and german people who are just so intimidatingly competent. like somehow, germany does everything better than anyone else ever will. streets and subways are spotless. people all speak fluent english. they're perfectly punctual and impeccably dressed and we even saw a guy in the garten nonchalantly texting while he rode his bike hands-free.

german words are so obnoxiously long and compound.

toilets for kings?!

back on ludwigstraße (the ß is a double "s" in german) to finally MEET UP WITH JESSICA!!!

we were right about here when we ran into her. so many hugs all around.


for our mid-afternoon snack/splurge, jessica led us to a bakery called MUELE that had these godly chocolate tarts.

and in the evening, we met up with jessica's friends at an empty bar that's one of their favorites (it was a monday night...) and hung out and talked and felt really at-home in münchen.

gorgeous subway stop.

our next morning started off at the bayern fan-shop, since we were hit by the bayern fever and excitement for the day's match versus real madrid!

aside from the face scarves, they had thousands of absurd branded items. haribo gummi bears, party supplies...

baby lederhosen...

shower gel...

...and even a logo panini press.

then we hopped on public trams to get to our destination - schloss nymphenburg, on the outskirts of the city! we didn't have the extra day to head to the original cinderella castle, so we had to get our castle fix somehow. :)

love these girls so much.

i stepped into this picture for scale - those swans were HUGE!

the grounds of the schloss were gorgeous and vast.

and full of little duckies!

we even stumbled upon magdalenenklause, a chapel built to look like an "old" grotto in the early 1700s. if it was tacky and inauthentic originally but is now 300 years old, does that make it historic and authentic in its own right? or just tacky and old?

after returning to city center, our walk to meet jessica for lunch was interrupted by the unexpected and somewhat shocking discovery of a public statue that had been commandeered as a creepy SHRINE TO MICHAEL JACKSON. it's super super weird and the poems about michael's love of children take on a disturbing air if you think about his pedophilic past...

the blue background photo says, in comic sans, "I need big hug by you Michael!! :*"

sorry for all the photos of the shrine... i was kind of in shock and every place i look had an even more creepy trinket or poem or photo.

someone actually doing upkeep?!

the Real fans were in town and out in full force.

traditional german food means straight-up pretzels for lunch, especially if you're vegetarian.

next stop on our whirlwind city tour was the 1978 olympic park.... oh yeah, which is right next to the bmw headquarters/showroom/museum! we peeked in to "bmw welt" to admire the architecture and maybe pretend to drive a bimmer.

then actually off to see the old olympic village, now in full use as a rec center and park and tourist attraction.

bummer that we missed out on alcoholic crepes. according to jessica, they're a traditional food!

the memorial to the victims of the olympic massacre was disappointing.

the bmw headquarters building (the offices, not the showroom) on view from olympic park during rush hour. the building is designed in the shape of an engine.

one more weird attraction that we made a point to see: right by the modern art museum, a creek runs through a green space. passing under a busy urban street, all of a sudden that still river becomes... a surfing hub?! crazy, but also crazy impressive. we stood mesmerized for a long time, first on the riverbank and then on the bridge above.

next up, maddy and tamar and i (we're the vegetarian dream team right here) were SO excited to find a kebab shop that offered vegan döner kebab!! the first and probably last time we'll ever get to try döner, so we made the most of it.

senegal throwback. <3

shenanigans while trying to navigate the u-bahn (subway): mirrored-ceiling selfies!

one last group photo at our hostel before saying goodbye.

munich ended up being one of my favorite cities and i adored germany - it was definitely inspiration to learn more about the country and language and go back sometime for a longer time! one last detail on my way out, courtesy of the munich central train station:

"pimp your currywurst." gotta love germany.

x, m

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