09 June 2014

the hills are alive

austria might be the most magical country i've ever seen, even if what i saw was mostly just through a train window.

our daylong train from munich to northern italy (milan, to be precise, was our first point of disembarkment) sliced through the austrian alps. this bit of border-hopping wasn't even technically allowed under the terms of our eurail passes, which restricted the number of countries we could enter, but luckily we looked nice and innocent and earnest enough that the conductor checking train tickets let it slide without a fine.

going a bit insane in our compartment as we pass through a tunnel.

the train ride was breathtaking, from bavaria through mountainous austria and into the heart of northern italy.

of course, we made a point to physically step off the train at one austrian station - which ended up being innsbruck.

innsbruck chillin'. (but not very chill because we couldn't let the train depart without us!)

now i can say i've really literally been to austria, even if i haven't seen much of it.

austrian selfie. very important.
i'd certainly like to.

[a blog post about a country makes the visit legit, right?]

when we took this picture we had no idea if we were in italian-speaking austria or german-speaking italy... thanks to google, we now know we'd already crossed the border. so here is an important photo of us in brennero, italia.

i just love love love trains and europe and mountains and my friends and this trip and this year. so much gratitude.

x, m

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