about me

hi, i'm marit. i'm a seventeen-year-old girl from washington, d.c., looking for an adventure and a challenge.

my blog title is from pablo neruda's poema 20 (english translation here), which is one of my absolute favorite poems.

my favorite book is the elegance of the hedgehog and my favorite movie is out of africa. my idols since childhood have been nelson mandela and wangari maathai.

i like lists.

my always-tentative gap year plans:
  • travel to myanmar with my family over the summer (1 month)
  • intern at a human rights office in argentina (2 months) (2.5 months)
  • work at an international development company near home (2.5 months)
  • teach english in costa rica (2 months)
  • contribute to a microfinance project in senegal (2 months)
  • learn french in france, backpack europe (1.5 months)

things i like:
  • tae kwon do
  • running, even though i'll never be a natural
  • yoga
  • baking you-can't-tell-they're-vegan cookies
  • green smoothies
  • dark chocolate
  • environmentalist, human rights, and women's rights causes
  • writing down funny quotes my friend say
  • new playlists
  • walking places
  • biking places
  • thrift shops
  • old postcards
  • journaling and writing
  • ethnic food
  • singing (preferably loudly and embarrassingly, but also in a chorus)
  • traveling everywhere and anywhere, always
  • travel magazines
  • books
  • bare feet
  • positive vibes
  • fortune cookie fortunes
  • coffee and tea and hot chocolate and chocolate soy chai lattes
  • making new friends and spending time with old ones
  • pretty photos, and taking pretty photos
  • empty beaches and standing in the sea

things i plan to do in the future (though i'm not much of a planner; i'll live my life as it happens):
  • graduate from williams college, where i have deferred admission until fall 2014; as of now i want to study some combination of polisci, international affairs, math, and environmental science
  • lead an experiment in international living trip; i really want to introduce a passion for travel to high schoolers who maybe haven't had that opportunity yet; traveling as a young adult and immersing in a foreign culture is an incredibly mind-opening opportunity
  • get certified as a yoga teacher
  • probably go vegan, at least when i'm in the u.s.
  • perhaps join the peace corps
  • work in international development at a job that allows me to travel a lot (i hope to also live overseas) and to help people through human rights or democracy projects
  • learn a lot of languages (in addition to spanish and french, indonesian, arabic, swahili, and swedish are high on my list)

thanks for reading!

x, m


  1. lovin the blog mar
    is there a way i can subscribe/receive an email every time you write a new post? the button at the bottom isn't working...

    1. hey talz, i just made a subscribe button at the top left of this blog! :) thanks for reminding me. ♥ m

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I actually thing we are twins and I literally think ur plans and goals and everything on here is AMAZING..I'm actually from around D.C. too which is crazy and I've been trying to plan a Gap Year since like 3 years ago when I started high school...can I email you some questions I have? I am a rising senior due to graduate in June 2015

  3. that's awesome, Casey! feel free to email me; I'm happy to talk about the best year of my life. :) good luck with your planning.